14 Most Popular Cricut Cartridges

I was over at a scrapbook forum yesterday and saw a pretty interesting discussion about people's most favorite Cricut cartridges.  Here were the top cartridges, based on popularity:

Graphically Speaking
Home Décor Solutions
Life is a Beach
Opposites Attract
Stretch Your Imagination
Wild Card
Paper Doll Dress Up
A Childs Year
Pooh Font
Home Accents Solutions
Walk in my Garden
Tags, Bags, Boxes and More

There weren't an overwhelming number of people who replied, so I though it would be fun to ask all of my Cricut friends here.

What's YOUR favorite Cricut cartridge (or cartridges)?  Just post your comment below...I'd love to hear it!


P.S.  Still haven't decided on "the one"?  Check out the links to the right to browse all of the Cricut cartridges!



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Facebook comments:

  1. Kyra Prater says:

    Some of my favorite’s include:

    New Arrival
    B is for Boy

  2. Linda Craig says:

    I’ve just recently gotten into this…I received the personal cricut cutter as a hand me down…and I love it…but I’ve only got a few cartridges so far…my favorite thus far would be campout. I’m a big fan of camping so of course that was the first one i hunted down and purchased

  3. Karen says:

    I loooooove Create a Critter! My grandson and I have made those adorable little critters for scrapbooking, cards and wall decorations.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I only have 6 cartridges, but I absolutely love create a critter and beyond birthdays.

  5. Laura Wood says:

    I, too, love my Cricut!! I have enjoyed it even more since I got my Gypsy…which came with the 2 free cartridges downloaded plus 5 more after I registered. I LOVE how much more I can do with all the cartidges having the Gypsy.
    As far as my favorite…there is no way to pick which one I like the most. But the ones I have used the most are Old West, Wild Card, Stand and Salute, Just Because Cards, Pooh and Friends, and anything with a dragon (I have a son who loves anything having to do with dragons!). Anyway, I got a lot of cartridges on Ebay…cheap, and new! I use them all (all 53 of ‘em).

  6. Connie Kirchner says:

    Love Create a Critter!!

  7. Daphe says:

    I love Life a Party and Cupcake Wrappers

  8. Malissa Huddleston says:

    Although, I do not have it yet, I love the Home Decor cartridge!! :)

  9. Peggy says:

    I love the “Pack Your Bags” cartridge. I have used it so much since we have been doing a lot of traveling. It has everything I need to create a beautiful scrapbook.

  10. donna van etten says:

    I absolutely love my cricut. i have alot of cartridges i love but lately my favorite is Kates abc’s
    i have made some real cute things for layouts of my granddaughter.

  11. Lynette Clarke says:

    I love all of them but I especially love childs year, and paperdolls,sweet treats and birthday bash but I cannot wait to get forever young..love my cricut..it is my sanity space.lol

  12. Carol Huber says:

    I like many others love them all, but a few of my favorites are: Walk in My Garden, Animal Kingdom, Christmas Cheer, and for printing I like Stone Script. I just got Mothers day, but have not used it yet. Thank you for this fantastic site!!!

  13. Gloria Proctor says:

    Storybook, ornamental iron, paperlace & calligraphy seem to be my favorite cartridges. I’m a scrapbooking addict, I started with all my heritage photos that were in a large box in mother’s closet, sorting and asking questions were 1st then starting my collection. I didn’t have the cricut when I 1st started scrapbooking, but I often find myself going back to a few pages from my beginnings and redoing them with my cricut cartridges and making the pages even better than before. I have several pages marked to redo, but I want to keep going with newer photo’s. I’m now into the 1950′s & 60′s collection of photos to scrap and I just recently purchased the “nifty 50s” cartridge and can’t wait to use it on some pages!

    I’ve retired all my other crafting projects to scrapbook! that’s sad, but it is so much fun and the more you do the more you like it and can’t seem to stop trying to improve yourself with new ideas and the cricut cartridges really help with new ideas.

    My friends and I get together once a month and we can’t wait to see who got a new cartridge since our last social and everyone gets so excited and can’t wait to use the new cartridges that the other has purchased and then of course someone in the group orders it online that day!

    Thanks for letting me share my scrapbooking thoughts with you.

  14. Andrea says:

    Hello would like share my top five. They are not in order of importance. Jubilee,tags bags boxes and more,plantin school books and everyday paper dolls.I made paper dolls for my youngest granddaughters. I put the dolls through the zyron and made them magnetic. They are stored on a cookie sheet when not in use. Clothes for the dolls are magnetic for storage on the cookie sheet and repositional adhesive is used for clothing changes. I have all of the cricuts except the E2.

  15. Debbie says:

    I really like STORY BOOK and SONG BIRD for fonts and ONCE UPON A PRINCESS and the DISNEY PRINCESS’S CARTRIDGES are the favorite of my 3 year old grand daughter. She will wear one of the crowns we made, helps me pick out designs to cut, or colors in one of her favorite books. Sometimes she looks at the cricut design books that come with the cartridges. She is very careful and gentle with them especially for a 3 year old. She will spend the morning with me crafting. IT’S AWESOME. For cards, I use all of them. I like the cartridges with lots of phrases and many of them have a card or envelope design with them. I do have JUST BECAUSE to help me out. Don’t forget you can use the Seasonal Cartridges for card shapes and envelopes too. Just change your designs and let your creativity shine. I’m just a beginner and loving every minute of it Each creation just gets better and better. I can’t wait until I truly get good at this. LOL

  16. Jo Brouwer says:

    My Favorite is “Car Decals” and “Wall Decor and More”

  17. Pam Young says:

    favorites, hard to do but here goes,
    child’s year, stretch your imagination, create a critter, nifty fifty’s, preserves,sweet treats,
    stand and salute, walk in the garden. just to name a few, it is what ever i am working on, if i use it for very long it becomes my favorite!! :0) thanks for the tip Debbie.

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