Awesome Cricut Cartridge Ideas for Halloween

With that scary, spooky and exciting holiday just around the corner, Cricut users are busting out their machines and making the most of Cricut cartridge ideas for Halloween.

Ready to do the same? Looking for those brilliantly crafty Cricut cartridge ideas for Halloween? With a little creativity involving a whole lot of fun, users can create candy bags, tags, cards and scrapbooks commemorating each year of costumes, ghoulish decorations and trick-or-treating.

Candy Bags
When it comes to Cricut cartridge ideas for Halloween, the first thing that comes to mind is the candy! Sure, anyone can just pass out a handful of candy to revelers, by why not do it with a bit more style?

The Tag, Bags, Boxes and More Cricut cartridge can do exactly that. Users can create bags to hold candy or a simple Halloween tag to personalize treats. Either way, the Halloween spirit comes through that Cricut machine!

Cards, Frames and Scrapbooks
There’s nothing more precious than your kids in costumes celebrating the holiday that turns them into cowboys, princesses and scary monsters.

Commemorating each year is fun, simple and a breeze with such beloved Cricut cartridges like Paper Doll Dress Up, Animal Kingdom and the countless Disney Cricut cartridges. With these, users can easily recreate those charming costumes ranging from animals and monsters to superheroes and sports stars.

Celebrate All Hallows Eve and make it a holiday both you and your kids can remember. Take those Cricut cartridge ideas for Halloween to the next level with the best, brightest and boo-tiful Cricut cartridges.



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  1. Sara says:

    What cartridges do you recommend to use for Halloween? I’d love to get my hands on one.

  2. sandy says:

    Hello Sophia,

    I found this great sight that has the cartridges, machines and even the gypsy at wholesale price. Shipping is reasonable as well. The best part is that you can buy them now and not have to wait and see if you won the auction to get it at such a great price. I have set up a wish list and have bought a couple of carts already. they also have other provocraft products like Yudu, and YourStory.

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