Cricut cartridges- recycle, reuse, rediscover?

Recently, a friend of mine was knee deep in scrapbook materials and wanted to completely reorganize her craft room. Inundated with paper, stickers, stamps and Cricut cartridges, she felt the logical thing to do was purge her collection of all the items she simply had not used in a while.

After some attempts at reorganizing and reminiscing about each cartridge, she was faced with a dilemma: Get rid of old cartridges to make room for new ones or keep them and try to rediscover a newfound love for them?

While some Cricut lovers may scoff at the idea of passing on cartridges to another, it was a very real consideration in this case. She had limited storage space and felt like her older cartridges were no longer that necessary.

Cricut storage and use are issues every Cricut user faces at one point or another. Sometimes it may feel as though we have outgrown a Cricut cartridge and if that truly is the case, why not pass it on to another Cricut colleague?

However, in her case and every case, I stress the importance of investments. Scrapbooks and paper crafting are hobbies that require a great deal of personal investments, be it time, money or creativity. Each Cricut cartridge has a unique theme, font or style. While a few may have fallen by the wayside over the years, odds are at one time or another, they will have a certain function or graphic that you’re looking for.

Instead of helping her purge her collection of undesirable cartridges, I helped her organize. With a few more Cricut totes, some creative packing techniques and newly discovered closet space, she was able to keep all of her cartridges and find room for future ones.

In fact, she realized that she hadn’t necessarily outgrown her cartridges; rather, they were simply out of sight and out of mind. Once she was able to access them easily, she started using them regularly again.

When it comes to the recycling, reusing and rediscovering Cricut cartridges, sometimes it’s just a matter of remembering why it was such a good investment in the first place!



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Facebook comments:

  1. Karen F. says:

    Whatever happened to the Cricut Lite cartridges?

  2. Brenda says:

    The Cricut Lite cartridges are sold at Wal Mart. I’ve seen them occasionally on Ebay.

  3. peg says:

    Why not consider the Gypsy? I did get it and I have all my cartrides on the machine and I can give the actual cartridge to another. It takes osme time to learn but once that is done it is great.

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