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  1. Marty Doring says:

    Hi Sophia. I hope I am sending this message correctly. I am looking for a cartridge that has halloween shapes on it; particularly the bones to a skeleton, a cute dracula and frankenstein, etc. i work with senior citizens and want to do shapes with them. I hear there is one, but for the life of me I cannot find it. Can you help?

  2. Linda says:

    I really do appreciate you’re passing along this information however I don’t recall giving you permission to distribute the cheat sheets. I prefer to distribute them ONLY on the yahoo group or my blog so that people downloading always get the most current version. Please pull your download link. Thank you.

    Just A Scrappin’

  3. Cricut Cartridges says:

    Oops! Sorry Linda. The post has been edited per your request.

    Thanks for dropping by and an even greater thanks for your Cheat Sheet!


  4. Michelle says:

    Can you tell me what type of adhesive is safe to spray on cricut cutting mat?

  5. Cricut Cartridges says:

    Hi Michelle, check out this article on how to make your Cricut mat sticky again:


  6. Karen says:

    This is great!! Thank you so much for finding this and sharing with all of us….Happy Scrapping. Karen

  7. Dolores Derouen says:

    My favorite cartdridge is –ALL OF THEM

  8. Kelly says:

    Hi. I am looking for a cricut cartridge that has bowling balls or pins. Can you tell me which cartridge has that? thank you, kelly

  9. just a quick to tell you thanks about the storybook cricut. i got it yesterday and cant wait to try it out.

  10. Doll Blakney says:

    Is there a Cricut cartridge that has designs for card players ansd other board games?

  11. Janet Checolinski says:

    I would like to know about “welding words”–I understand there is such a thing.

  12. karen says:

    Can you email me the greatest and latest cheat sheet…please. I love the blog about getting you mat sticky again, I just invested in $60 of new mats but will now be able to make my investment go longer. Love it.

  13. Carol Schulz says:

    How do I get to te blog that talks about getting your mat sticky again? Blessings, Carol

  14. Patricia says:

    Does anyone know of a cartridge that has religious shapes

  15. Cherri says:

    Have you had or heard of anyone having trouble with the Christmas Cards Cartridge just released? I purchased it a week ago and my expression won’t recognize the cartridge. Any suggestions?

  16. Jean says:

    I search for a cartridge with religious shapes and found one. It’s called Inspired Hearts. Hope it’s what you’re looking for.

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