Cricut Ideas To Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

While making things is enjoyable, half the fun of owning a Cricut machine is thinking up the Cricut ideas!

There is so much to do and make with a Cricut machine so it’s no wonder that Cricut ideas generally come easy. Especially in regard to holidays, birthdays, weddings and any other special occasion, life offers plenty of inspiration. However, in between all of those memorable moments, some Cricut users hit a wall in terms of what to make next.

Where to find Cricut ideas?

Folders, files and boxes of ideas can be an excellent way to stockpile ideas for future projects.

In addition to creating personal ideas, there are countless websites that offer pages and pages of ideas given by Cricut experts as well as those solicited by Cricut users.

The actual Cricut site also has a collection of ideas. With over 200 projects listed, each comes with a detailed description and picture. Categories include kids, holidays, scrapbooking, home décor, crafts and paper crafting. Each project also features the author, estimated time for completion and level of difficulty.

While a detailed description can be extremely helpful, some users may work better with a step-by-step video. Yahoo, Google and YouTube each have a wide range of video tutorials on such topics as welding letters, feature keys and creating a cork board with a Cricut machine.

At times, users may find themselves with a shortage of Cricut ideas. When such a moment arises, take a look at the available resources and take advantage of everything, whether it’s an advanced project from Cricut or a brand new video on YouTube - they’re Cricut ideas.

Once you've got a great new idea for your next scrap project, remember to check all of the links on the right to see awesome deals on the cartridges you need!

(One of my personal favorites is the Storybook cartridge.)



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