Cut Fabric and Personalize Clothing in Just Minutes

From baby clothes and onesies to team uniforms and festive attire, Cricut users can finally add that much-desired crafty yet modern style to clothing with these few helpful tips.

As Cricut users everywhere are excitedly decorating cupcakes with fondant flowers cut from their Cricut Cake machine, plenty of other Cricut users are using their Cricut Expression to create personalized designs with fabric. While users need the Cricut Cake to cut specialty edible items like fondant, all a Cricut user needs to cut fabric is the Cricut machine they already have!

How to cut fabric with your Cricut Expression machine

1.       Take your fabric(s) and cut them into squares. The size of these squares is based on how big of a cut you will be creating. Be sure to cut a big enough square to leave enough space on all 4 sides for the die cut fabric to come out clean.

2.       Take a fabric adhesive (fabric iron ons can be found at any local craft store and fabric store) and cut squares to fit the fabric squares. Follow the directions and stick the fabric adhesive to the square with an iron.

3.       Now, take your Cricut mat and place the fabric(s) on it. While the Cricut mat is sticky enough to keep items like paper down, fabrics will most likely slide around once the needle hits them. To get a clean cut, try taping down the fabric so that is securely fastened onto the mat.

4.       Insert the desired cartridge and choose the desired graphics. DO NOT push that “Cut” button just yet though!

5.       Adjust the needle setting so that it penetrates the fabric as much as possible. To do this, adjust the setting on the needle itself as well as the knob on the machine to “High.”

6.       Now hit “Cut!”

7.       After the Cricut machine cuts the fabric, lift the fabric die cuts from the mat and return to the iron. Remove the backing of the iron on adhesive from the die cut and place it on the piece of fabric (i.e. clothing, bag, blanket, etc.) that you want to personalize. Align it and make sure that it is exactly where it should be before finally ironing it on.

8.       Add any other final decorative touches and you’re done!

Now, with a little bit of fabric, some iron on adhesives and an iron, you can cut fabric with your Cricut Expression and personalize shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, bags and any other kind of fabric with adorable die cuts!



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