Gobble Gobble for These Thanksgiving Cricut Cartridges!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner which can only be one thing: time to get out those holiday Thanksgiving Cricut cartridges!

While some Cricut users think that Christmas is the holiday that has all the cartridges, there are plenty of Thanksgiving Cricut cartridges and plenty to get your filling of die-cut turkeys.

So, where to start?

Here are a few Cricut cartridges that will most definitely get the whole family into the Thanksgiving spirit.
Speaking of Fall Cricut cartridge: this cartridge has letters made from all the trappings of fall including leaves, pies, turkeys and more!
My World Cricut cartridge: the My World Cricut cartridge has a country-wide them with urban, country and historical themes. Graphics that can be used for Thanksgiving include the Plymouth Rock pilgrims and the Native Americans they meet when their ship landed.
Animal Kingdom Cricut cartridge: The Animal Kingdom cartridge features a plumped up turkey that is perfect for dressing up Thanksgiving decorations, cards and scrapbook pages.
Stretch Your Imagination Cricut cartridge: This cartridge also has a chunky turkey.

With these Thanksgiving Cricut cartridges, users can decorate and celebrate to their heart’s content. While thanksgiving may not be as well-known for its decorations, especially compared to Christmas, it is a holiday where families reunite around the dinner table. So why not add a few decorative touches?

A few ideas include:
• Centerpieces decorated with turkeys or perhaps pilgrims enjoying turkey
• Scatter leaves down the center of the table for an autumn feel
• Napkin rings adorned with a plump turkey
• Holiday cards or dinner invitations
• Detail picture frames of the family around the dinner table
• And much more!

With so many Cricut cartridges and graphics to choose from, decorating and getting in the holiday spirit is fun and easy thanks to Thanksgiving Cricut cartridges.



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  1. sandy says:


    I used dress up paper dolls to make a decorative fall wreath for my door. I used the little pilgrims the boy and girl and i also used the navtive amercian boy and girl along with some leaves and the word autumn from stretch your imagination. it came out really cute.

  2. Littlewhen says:

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