How to Clean Your Cricut Cutting Mat

While using the Cricut cutting mat can be pretty straightforward, knowing how to clean your Cricut cutting mat can be a different story.

Here are a few tips that not only show you how to clean your Cricut cutting mat but also have to do safely and effectively.

Tip #1: Keep it clean!

Maintaining a sticky Cricut mat is extremely important as that’s why you have the mat in the first place. But after using it repeatedly, the mats tend to lose their stickiness. This is when cleaning the mats becomes imperative.

Tip #2: Baby wipes aren’t just for babies!

This is where learning how to clean your Cricut cutting mat becomes such a valuable lesson. For one thing, remember that the cleaner your mat is, the sticker is stays and the longer you have it.

Also, a common mistake is to reapply the adhesive to the mats before cleaning them. An excellent way to go about doing this is by using items you already have in your home. By washing the mats with baby wipes or dishwashing soap and warm water, you remove the residual gunk without harming the mat itself.

Once you’ve washed it, let it dry completely before reapplying your adhesive.

Also, note that you don’t have to scrub it down with a brilo pad or anything. In fact, baby wipes do absolute wonders here.

Tip #3: Maintenance

In between washing your Cricut cutting mat, keep it clean by simply using a lint roller to pick up any stray pieces or debris that may have found their way onto your mat.

Now that you know how to clean your Cricut cutting mat, you not only prolong the overall quality of the mat but you also avoid buying them so often! So spread the word and take comfort in the fact that you are such a Cricut vet that you know how to clean your Cricut cutting mat!

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Facebook comments:

  1. eva govan says:

    how do you make the mat sticky again

  2. Cricut Cartridges says:

    Hi Eva,

    great question, and I have the answer!

    Check out this page to learn how to make your Cricut mat sticky again


  3. Joana says:

    thanks for the tip really helped ( I know you can use the Stick and Spray Mounting Adhesive by Crafter’s Companion is fabulous . 5 seconds to the mat )

  4. Kat Wood says:

    Hi Sophia,

    I do have the Cricut Expression, I bought the large one about 4 months ago. I use the Cricut to make scrapbook pages, and also to make all my cards for every occasion. I am working on vinyl lettering for my daughter’s new home. She has a room where she has a family tree in vinyl, and wanted letter’s to read BROTHER’S going down the side of it. What a money saver with the Expression, it came out so nice.. And it was so easy. I am now working on making a saying for my kitchen. I really love all the information here, like how to make the mats sticky again. I can’t wait to purchase some new cartridges from here, the price is so low.


  5. Cricut Cartridges says:

    that’s wonderful! I’m sure your daughter was amazed at how gorgeous it turned out. And what a generous mother you were to do that for your grandkids.

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Teri says:

    I got my Cricut Expression about a year ago, I have used to make boxed for my son’s wedding, and I have been making all of my cards now that I have it I just love it and can not wait to see what all is open for me to do I am going to work on scrapbooks for my sons. I also love the fact that we can restick the mats, because it is not good to have to put them in the trash when they no longer stick.



  7. Barbara says:

    Hi Sophia,
    I am fairly new at using my wonderful Pink Journey Expression machine. After only using the mat twice, I decided to make a lovely wedding card using my Wedding cricut cartridge and some gorgeous black and white glitter paper I bought….BIG MISTAKE ! While the glitter is only on one side of the paper, as you are peeling the die cuts off the mat, the glitter gets all over the sticky side of the mat. What a mess ! So, I have already had to use your tips on mat cleaning and had to go out and buy a can of sticky spray LONG before I thought I would need it. I just wanted to warn everybody about that glitter paper !!
    Thank you for your great helpful hints pages, or I would be totally lost as to how to use my Cricut !

  8. Jackie says:

    Hi, I just got my machine yesterday. I was so excited that I had to do something on it last night. But when I placed the paper on the cutting mat and it designed some fonts for me, it all got stuck on the mat. What step am I missing? I was not able to appreciate the letters because they were all rolled up.



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