How to Etch Glass Using the Cricut

The idea of etching glass may seem a bit intimidating, but believe it or not, it’s pretty easy with the help of the Cricut Expression or Personal cutting machine. There are a few supplies that are necessary and some preliminary steps that need to be taken, but other than that, learning how to etch glass using the Cricut is simply a matter of following directions.

First off, users should gather the necessary supplies. These include:
• A piece of vinyl
• Glass for etching (Decorative glass plate, glass ornament, etc.)
• Bottle of glass etching cream
• Small-medium sized paint brush
• Desired Cricut cartridge
• An idea!

How to etch glass using the Cricut: Using the Cricut Expression
Next, place the piece of vinyl onto the Cricut mat, just as one would with scrapbook paper. Then, pick the desired graphic and size. Note: users may want to slow down Cricut Expression speed. Remove Cricut mat from Cricut Expression and remove vinyl piece (entire piece leaving cut-outs on mat). The vinyl will serve as a stencil for the glass etching!

How to etch glass using the Cricut: Check out that fine piece of glass!
After, remove the backing from the vinyl and place the sticky end on the glass item. Be sure to carefully place the vinyl on the glass as it should be flush with the surface.

Take the bottle of glass etching cream, dip the paint brush in it and dab it on the surface of the glass within the stencil. Repeat a couple times until there is a relatively thick layer of cream on the glass.

Wait 10-20 minutes for cream to dry.

Take a damp paper towel and wipe away excess cream on and around stencil but be careful to not wipe away entire work of art. Lastly, slowly peel off vinyl to see the finished product!

Now that it’s plain to see how simple and easy learning how to etch glass using the Cricut is, taking this unique idea and creating something spectacular is a walk in the park.

Have you tried etching glass with your Cricut?



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Facebook comments:

  1. Melissa says:

    I love love love love love glass etching……I just started a few weeks ago and have decided to make Christmas gifts using glass jars and etching patterns on vinyl cut with my Cricut expressions….my options are limitless….it is awesome!!!

  2. kait says:

    i love glass etching! i made a birthday present out of a mirror. It looked professional and only took a few minutes!

  3. Debbie says:

    Am new to the Cricut itself, but sooo wanting to do glass etching. What pressure and speed do you use when cutting the vinyl. I haven’t purchased vinyl yet, but does it all come with the sticky backing? Thanks for any info you can share!

  4. Carol says:

    Do you know if the new Circut Create can be used for glass etching?

  5. deedee says:

    i am pretty new to using the cricut. i have the first one made what ever it is called. really want a newer one but i love this one. can i use it to etch glass? do i need a dif blade or does this one use others..

  6. mary says:

    I have been glass etching for a long time using contact paper and exacto knife to cut out design. Now with the cricut I still use the contact paper to make stencils but it is so much faster and lots more fun. I have done etching on mirrors glassware windows etc.
    The contact paper is so much cheaper than the vinyl I peel the back off before putting on the mat give it a try you will love it.

  7. Kathy Smith says:

    I would like to know how to place a picture onto a glass plate and do etching around the rim of 8″ plate. Would u please send me these instructions? As a teacher in special education I would like to place my 3 graduating students picture of them wearing their cap and gown with their name, name of the school and date they graduated. I think the parents would enjoy this for gifts however I am VERY VERY new to all of this. I just bought my machine in January 2010. They will graduate in may so I don’t have much time to practice. Would you be so kind as to help me.
    I have purchased the etching cream, vinyl, and deep cut blades, housing for the blades, and extra mats. So if there are any more materials that I would need please let me know.
    Kathy Smith

  8. Debi Gill says:

    Glass etching is wonderful for weddings and party decorations! I bought some cheap mirrors with black frames and etched each of the couples initials on the mirrors (one per mirror with an & in between) They were great on the food tables and very decorative while being simple. The couple (my son and daughter in law) now have them hanging in their house. The love them, especially since their initials are “m & m”.

  9. Lauren says:

    Joy at Obsessed with scrapbooking has a youtube video about this – and she is very helpful!
    Happy cutting!

  10. Kathy Eddy says:

    So, if I were going to do a plate for instance, do you do it on the eating surface, or on the back and have to reverse letters? Is it safe for food afterwards if you do it on the front?

  11. Rhonda says:

    What I need to know is if you can take a computer generated design and print it out on vinyl using the cricket to make a stencil to do glass etching?

  12. Jan says:

    Please, please please include in your instructions the safety precautions needed while doing glass etching. The ethcing cream can burn you very severely. You need to use gloves through the whole process, have long sleeves on to cover your arms and safety glasses to protect your eyes. No one seems to be making this clear to people when they post intsructions.
    Thanks, I don’t want anyone harmed, this is a super great project!!!

  13. Minta says:

    Can this be done with the cricut create also? I have never did glass etching. It sounds like it could be really fun. Thanks for any info.

  14. Susie says:

    I have done glass etching. I also use contact paper instead of wasting my vinyl. My etchings, however, are not as “sharp” as the ones on the cricut infomercial. They are more muted. Any suggestions?

  15. Corene says:

    I am new to glass etching I would like to know if you can etch on colored plates and if you can etch in color. plase send me email. Thank you for any and all information. Corene

  16. sherri slone says:

    i was wondering the same thing..someone please help

  17. Sandy says:

    I too love to do etching,I also use cheap contact paper,get same results,time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Waiting for walmart to get their clear glass in red and blue.
    the plates are 1.50, cup and saucer about the same price,etch a cup and fill with candy or cocoa mix,makes a great gift.

  18. Karin says:

    I am looking into buying a Cricut-
    I would LOVE to be able to do etching. Do all the Cricut models work for this?
    I was looking into the Cricut Create Personal Electronic Cutter Model

    Thanks for your help!!

  19. Loretta says:

    I love the Cricut. I have done mostly cards with it. I have to try the glass etching and I will soon.

  20. Ruth Shapiro says:

    I also use my Cricut to cut stencils for etching, but I etch on copper and brass! I just use different chemicals!
    One other caution about using etching cream for glass: do not wash it off in the sink, especially a porcelain sink, which is really glass! That’s an easy way to damage an expensive sink! Also use carefully around porcelain tiles, which will become etched, too.

    You can use the etching cream to etch any colored glass.

  21. julie Osness says:

    Are you able to etch with the Cricut create personal cutter?

  22. millie says:

    I have never etched but I think I am goint to try it.Thanks for the tip.

  23. carolyn hartle says:

    I love my cricut expression. I have done some etching and I have used contact paper as my stencil . Much cheaper and used contact formsome of my designs also.

  24. Stacie W says:

    I have made 1 glass etching on a mug for my husband using contact paper. I also have a few idea as Christmas presents this year but waiting on cartridge that I won on Ebay first.

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