How to Save Money with your Cricut Cartridges

Once you buy a Cricut machine, the first lesson users must realize is that you can save money with your Cricut cartridges!

Cricut cartridges are an ingenious way to harness your creativity and save a little money, all at the same time. By following the Cricut mentality of do-it-yourself crafts, you can lower the cost of parties, weddings and even your home décor expenses.

Cricut has an extensive collection of cartridges all designed to fulfill your every Cricut crafting wish. From Disney characters to the 50 States, you can save money with your Cricut cartridges and make something pretty while you’re at it.

When it comes to weddings, parties, get-togethers and scrapbooking, expenses can add up. Today, a simple greeting card can cost over $5. But with the Cricut cartridges and Cricut machines you already own, you can make everything yourself without paying an extra penny.

Party Invitations
With fan-favorites like the Celebrations Cricut cartridge and the Cuttin’ Up Cricut cartridge, you can create a professional invitation that is also personal to you and your guests. Rather than go with something store-bought and generic, you can save money with your Cricut cartridges and create something that pertains exactly to your theme and your interests!

Wedding Favor Tags and Place Cards
Weddings already cost a bundle so why not save money where you can?

With your Cricut cartridges, you can easily make tags for wedding favors and place cards for your guests. You can personalize bridal shower invitations and thank you cards, all without breaking out a sweat or your wallet.

Making something yourself, in general, can be time-consuming and stressful but Cricut cartridges practically do all the work for you. Let your creativity and not the price tag dictate how you celebrate special occasions. Save money with your Cricut cartridges and see why these items are such an amazing creative investment.



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  1. Renate says:


    I am thinking about getting a cricut machine.

    But what exactly is the difference between the cricut and the cricut expression?

  2. Cricut Cartridges says:

    Hi Renate,

    There are actually 3 Cricut machines: the Expression, the Create, and the Personal.

    The most obvious is that the Expression can accept paper up to 12″ wide. The Cricut Expression is the largest and the fanciest, at the moment. Able to cut characters as small as 0.25” and as large as 23”, the Cricut Expression is loaded with features such as an LCD screen making it easy to see what the next cut will be. For major paper cutting projects or an avid crafter, this is a suitable machine to own.

    The Cricut Create is smaller and portable. It still contains several of the Expression functions such as Auto-Fill, Portrait Mode and Center Point Function, amongst others. The Cricut Create can cut as small as 0.25” and as large as 11.5”.

    The Cricut Personal is the original Cricut die cutting machine. The max paper size is limited to 6″ x 12″ and the die cutter can cut shapes and fonts between 0.25″ to 11.5″.

    Hope that helps,

  3. Renate says:

    oh ja Sophia. Thank you helped me a lot.

    So i guess, the expression is “the best” one at the moment.

    Thanks again.

  4. Jackie says:

    Above you speak of the cricut create, I have never heard of it can you help me with that as I was looking for something that did smaller letters than the cricut does?

    Thank so much

  5. Cricut Cartridges says:

    Hi Jackie,

    the Cricut Expression and Cricut Create machines can cut as small as 0.25″. The Cricut Personal cuts 1″ and up. The Cricut Create is smaller and more portable than the Expression.

    You can see the Cricut Create listed on my site here:

    Hope that helps,

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