New Cricut Cartridges Bring Fresh Scrapping Ideas

Now that new Cricut cartridges are making their mark on the Cricut scene, this year’s newest products are gaining an early following with fans and users all over the country.

Rather than tossing out those old cartridges, expand that collection with new Cricut cartridges that offer fresh and exciting crafting possibilities. Cricut designers are devoted to creating versatile and beautiful cartridges that are ideal for all things craft related.

Shopping and browsing for new Cricut cartridges can be just as exciting as using them. From month to month and season to season, new cartridges burst onto the scene and gain a quick following. Cricut staples such as font cartridges, wedding cartridges and school themed cartridges are considered long-time favorites. There are also several cartridges made specifically for younger users that are designed with music, sports and celebrities like Miley Cyrus in mind.

A few of the most recent cartridges that have quickly gained a fan following include:

•    Everyday Paper Dolls
•    From my Kitchen
•    Winter Woodland
•    Sweethearts
•    Designer's Calendar

New arrivals are constantly make their debut, courtesy of Provo Craft. With original graphics and fonts pertaining to characters, sports, children and special occasions, new Cricut cartridges can bring a little spark back to handmade crafts.

Making a card, scrapbook or gift bag from scratch can be quite the accomplishment, one that should be showcased along with its matching Cricut cartridge. Gain a new toy and plenty of new ideas with the new Cricut cartridges available to craft lovers everywhere.

What do YOU think about the new cartridges?  I'd love to hear your opinion!  Just leave a comment below.



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Facebook comments:

  1. Jackie Hall says:

    Where can I find designer calendar cartridge?

  2. granny cricut says:

    where can i find designer calendar, tags boxes & more, stamped cartridges? thank you for your valuable help & time…have a blessed & joy filled day…

  3. Cricut Cartridges says:

    Hi all,

    I just added a new page to the site for the Designer’s Calendar Cartridge:

    Happy Scrappin!


  4. Kim Galbreath Fleming says:

    “From My Kitchen” is wonderful and we used it to create great graphics for Senior High Italian Dinner and Auction. “Sweethearts” is helping create the graphics for our oldest’s wedding album. And when I got this cartridge, it had a winning ticket and I WON a Gypsy! PC and Cricut are the best!

  5. Sandi says:

    I’ve been trying to display the cartridge links and get nothing, just a black page that says ‘done’ at the bottom.

    I have no trouble with other pages, just the ones where you go to purchase cartridges.

    I’ve checked all the possible reasons I can think of, tried troubleshooting and there’s nothing wrong with anything. I have content blocking off.

  6. judi says:

    These cartridges are super cute! I’m having such fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Deanna Landis says:

    hey i really would like all info on any scrapbooking to be emailed to me thanks so much

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