Relax with Weekend Cricut Projects

While the weather may be nice in your neck of the woods, come rain or shine I always enjoy some good weekend Cricut projects. In case other Cricut users are also in the mood to spend some quality time with their favorite Cricut cartridges, here is one project idea that can be done with a recycled household item.

Weekend Cricut Projects: Recycled Baby Food Jars

Recently, I went to a wedding and each guest was given a small empty candy jar with the bride and groom’s initials on it. Along with the cake, there was a candy bar where guest could fill up their jars with their favorite sweets. I was so inspired by this idea that I decided to make personalized candy jars for my family out of recycled baby food jars. I used the Mini Monograms Cricut cartridge to personalize each jar. I also added a few accents with the help of my Doodlecharms Cricut cartridge and my Home Accents Solutions Cricut cartridge.

Another perk of this easy and fairly quick project is that Cricut users can fill the jars with plenty of items, not just candy. After all, not everyone has a sweet tooth. The real reward of a project like this is the personalization. By adding initials and graphics specific to the recipient, what goes in the jar is much less important than what goes on it.

Other filling suggestions include:

  • Loose change
  • Paper clips
  • Pins
  • Fortunes from fortune cookies
  • Loose buttons
  • Rubber bands
  • Loose die cuts

Keep in mind that this project can be done with larger mason jars. Larger jars can hold bigger items and if they are laying about the house, why not use them for something creative?

Cricut storage is something that many scrappers cherish. Rather than shove things into a container, why not get a little Cricut therapy time in and make something that is both useful and charming. They make wonderful gifts and as far as weekend Cricut projects go, this one is a simple, easy and whole lot of fun.



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