Show a Little Heart with Love Themed Cricut Cartridges

Valentine’s Day is a time for love, romance and the perfect opportunity to bust out your favorite Cricut machines and love themed Cricut cartridges.

Show your loved ones, family and even those secret admirers just how much you care with a personalized, homemade Valentine Day crafted with only the most charming love themed Cricut cartridges around.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a multitude of ways but most people opt for the traditional cards and notes. Forget those pre-made cards from the store and sheets of paper with a few scribbles; instead, invest some time and effort (not to mention love) in a card created with the help of a Cricut cartridge.

Love themed Cricut cartridges
Don Juan Cricut cartridge: Hearts, stars, lips and borders- the Don Juan Cricut cartridge really knows how to sweep a scrapbooker of its feet.
Storybook Cricut cartridge: The Storybook Cricut cartridge is all about accents, designs and finishing touches that can make a Valentine truly a work of art.
Sweethearts Cricut cartridge: With hearts, fleur de lis, couples embracing, rings, proposals and the ever-important Cupid, this cartridge has everything you need to create the most romantic and heartfelt Valentine.
Disney Happily Ever After Cricut cartridge: This cartridge is full of Disney princesses, princes and happily ever afters. What better inspiration than those fairy tale love stories we’ve all grown up watching?

In terms of ideas, creating notes, cards and keepsakes are easy once you have brainstormed a bit. Taking full advantage of creative features and special effects allows you to put shadows, 3-D effects, tags, corners and plenty of details that add a classic touch to the finished product.

Love is in the air everyday- not just on Valentine’s Day. Make each and every occasion a reason to show a little love and give people a glimpse of your romantic side by utilizing love themed Cricut cartridges.



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  3. Kay Wallin says:

    I have the Storybook and the Happily Ever After cartridges. I am finding, as a fairly new Cricut user, that I use cartridges I wouldn’t have thought about using for certain scrapbooking layouts. For instance, I found a 50′s style tv on the Mickey and Friends cartridge for a layout for some memory books I am doing about my dad’s life.

  4. Eloise Clevenger says:

    I have a question. I have a friend who lives in England and she is interested in buying a Cricut machine in April when she is here. I am asking would the UK current be compatible to the machine? Our do you sell the machine over there so she can purchace one there?
    Thank You
    Eloise Clevenger

  5. nancy donahue says:

    I got my Cricut for CHRISTmas and so far haven’t used it. Do you have any ideals on your web site in making cards.I’ve looked and don’t see any cards made just what cartridges to use.I would like a few ideals on how to go about making a card. Thank You

  6. kathy mcguire says:

    dear Nancy,
    I also have a cricut and just love it ! For making cards I just buy blank cards and work up a theme ,My Grandson that will be 4 just loves Elmo so I got the cartridge and have had a good time making up birthday announcements. Also have made his birthday scrapbook page just like his announcements .

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