Take a Bite Out of the Cake Basics Cricut Cartridge

The Cake Basics Cricut cartridge and its accompanying machine, the Cricut Cake Personal Electronic Cutter, are taking the crafting world by storm as suddenly, Cricut isn’t all about paper.

While some Cricut fans are quickly jumping aboard the cake decorating train, others are a bit confused and somewhat hesitant about this machine that is said to cut fondant and frosting rather than the all-too familiar card stock.

This article is designed to give users and inquiring minds some background on the Cake Basics Cricut cartridge, the Cricut Cake and answering a few commonly asked questions.

First of all, the Cake Basics Cricut cartridge is designed with cake decorating in mind. The cartridge itself has plenty of graphics, images, features and font to make any pastry project a cinch. Plus, the cartridge can also be used interchangeably with other machines and vice versa. So while users should not use the Cricut Cake Personal Electronic Cutter as a paper cutting machine, they can use other Cricut cartridges for cake designing and decorating purposes.

Commonly asked questions

Why can’t I use the Cricut Cake Personal Electronic Cutter as a normal paper crafting machine?
Simply stated, the Cricut Cake is equipped to handle much more than paper. The cutter, for example, is thicker and longer as it is designed to cut through items like fondant and frosting. The same logic applies to the Cricut Expression or Cricut Create. The blade on those machines could not handle anything thicker than card stock. Each machine has its own specified purpose and mixing the two hobbies of cake decorating and paper crafting could be detrimental to the integrity of the machines.

How do I keep food from getting stuck in the Cricut Cake?
The ingenious designers at Provocraft fashioned the machine will that particular issue in mind. The mat, for example, is specially created to work with edible items. The interior of the machine itself is free of gutter and reservoirs to avoid the accumulation of food and crumbs. The keypad has a protective cover as users may have frosting on their fingers while they are working. Lastly, many of the knobs and gauges are made of stainless steel so ensure maximum durability.

Take full advantage of the unique machine and start decorating those pastries today. With the Cake Basics Cricut Cartridge and the Cricut Cake Personal Electronic Cutter, paper crafting gurus and scrapbook lovers can take their creativity and make something delicious out of it.



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    I am wondering how to use the cricut inks? Can you tell me?

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    I tried to click on cartriges I am interested in but nothing happened. What am I doing wrong?

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