What Frustrates You About Scrapping?

frustratedWe all have them...  times or issues that occur again and again when we are scrapping.

Now don't get me wrong, I think that scrapping is the best hobby in the world!  But it can get frustrating sometimes, you know?

I'm embarrassed to say that I've even put off scrapping for one reason or another!

For example, I used to have a heck of a time coming up with layouts, until my Scrapbooking Bible saved me from all the heartache.

(You can see the Scrapbooking Bible here)

What about you?

What frustrates you about scrapping?

What do you wish you could (or couldn't) do?

What would make scrapping more enjoyable for you?

What are some problems that you've had while scrapping?

Let's share our struggles, and maybe find some answers!

What's on your mind?  Type in your response below.




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Facebook comments:

  1. verna bohnert says:

    I have a question…What is the best way to attach small letters cut with the cricut? I can’t seem to come up with a good/easy way to attach these to my pages, they are small and can’t use the double sided tape? Please give me some ideas, Thank you, Verna

  2. linda says:

    Is there a book that goes along with the wildcard cartridge ..sometimes i spend to much time trying to figure out how to asemble the card after cut it out..Thanks linda

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