Why Used Cricut Cartridges Are Just As Good

When it comes to used Cricut cartridges, they’re not hand-me-downs, but rather pre-loved crafting tools that make creating handmade cards, tags and scrapbooks an easy and exciting experience!

Just as valuable and versatile as new ones, used Cricut cartridges offer users a more affordable alternative. While users may rethink used paper and machines, used Cricut cartridges stay in working order. They essentially house the information for the cartridge’s graphics, fonts, phrases and effects.

There are almost 100 cartridges which have over 1,000 images between them.

Amongst the entire Cricut library, consisting of almost 100 cartridges with over 1,000 images in total, there are a few cartridges that are a bit higher on the used totem pole. These used Cricut cartridges are ideal, especially since they are designed around a certain topic.

Those considered favorites by users include:

  • Wedding themed cartridges with plenty of graphics of brides, grooms, flowers, cakes and many more sentimental images reminiscent of a wedding day. Many users invest in this cartridge to commemorate their wedding day or that of a loved one, but once the day has passed, the need may be less critical. Keep an eye out for Calligraphy Cricut cartridge, Wedding Solutions and the Mini Monograms Cricut cartridges.
  • Another much-loved group of used Cricut cartridges are those relating to sports. There is an amazing selection of sporting cartridges that are perfect for games, parties, cards and much more. Sports cartridges Sports Mania, Soccer Solutions, Locker Talk, Basketball Solutions and Baseball Solutions.
  • Disney cartridges are major sellers on the market; however, sometimes users outgrow or simply have a reason for streamlining their collections. In these cases, used Disney Cricut cartridges are hot commodities! A few of the more well-known Disney cartridges include Hannah Montana, Mickey and Friends and the Pooh Font Set.

Rather than stressing over which Cricut cartridge to buy, why not save money and time by investing in a handful of used Cricut cartridges that still offer the same quality graphics and fonts that made them so popular to begin with.



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  1. Sharon G says:

    Where is a good place to buy used cartridges?

  2. Kathy says:

    I’d also like to know where to buy used Cricut Cartridges? And what is a good price to pay for used ones?

  3. Jamie G says:

    Me too! I have been looking for a good and reliable site which sells used cartridges.

  4. debbie says:

    just getting started i love to craft this will be something new and exciting for me and MY GRANDCHILDREN

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