With Classmate Cricut Cartridges, Learning is Oh So Fun!

With so many classroom tools now available to teachers and students, Cricut is making its own mark on the education world with an exciting collection of Classmate Cricut cartridges.

When it comes to class projects, presentations and those all-too-familiar craft projects, die cut machines can really come in handy. Rather than spend hours cutting out letters and shapes by hand, why not take full advantage of the Classmate Cricut cartridges.

Unique tools can take boring humdrum projects to an entirely new level while also making them fun for students. Parents can also benefit from using these crafting tools with their kids for those all-important projects done at home.

Some of these Classmate Cricut cartridges include:

Wordbuilders cartridges

These cartridges are unbelievably useful and helpful in teaching phonics to children. Wordbuilders cartridges include A Word Party Classmate cartridge, A Garden of Words Classmate cartridge, and An Ocean of Words Classmate cartridge. These have proven to be very effective and efficient in the classroom.

Others include:

Several others include:

Work with students and teach them letters, phonics, printing, cursive, the seasons and much, much more with these paper crafting tools. Classmate Cricut cartridges are the kind of Cricut items that can be used for so much more than making scrapbooks, cards and homemade picture frames.

Teach, learn and thrive in the world of crafts with all of these Classmate Cricut cartridges.



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Facebook comments:

  1. brandi says:

    I have the My Community cartridge and am currently student teaching. This week I am teaching probability and am ever so grateful for the spinner on that cartridge. I have used this cartridge over and over again in my classroom. Simply love it!

  2. Pam Young says:

    I have the 50 states cartridge, using it for my own pleasure, i love it! it has all the flowers, birds,flags, everything that has to do with each state.

  3. Nana Rogers says:

    I need to tell my neighbor she is a teacher. I think she would like it too. Thanks for the info.

  4. Linda Portz says:

    I also got one called Playtime with my new expressions. My granddaughter loves it! She even made her own book out of the things I cut out like a little boy fishing…one in the bathtub….and I used the train for my into page to my 2010 scrapbook! They do have some wonderful cartridges for kids…..when my granddaughter sees my cricut out..she yells….Cricut! LOL

  5. Rosemarie Lamb says:

    I substitute teach and made a poster for the kids for “extinct” words. I also cut out a bunch of flowers, butterflies, hearts and swirls for them to use on their teacher’s “get well” cards that we made for her. Love it!!

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