Would You Buy a Cricut Expression From HSN?

This isn't where I first heard of the Cricut.  In fact, my scrapping friends told me about it first.  But I always love watching the commercials about my favorite die cutting machine.

Here's a video of the HSN channel promoting the Cricut.  It's funny, even at full price I have no doubt that the Cricut is worth that and more!  But why pay full price when there are so many places to buy it for almost half that price.

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  1. betsy from ohio says:

    My hubby bought mine from HSN and received 5 cartridges, 12×12 mat tools and the “Your Story” bundle as well. I paid $399 and got free shipping for going through the website. I also went through mypoints.com and received 10 pts per dollar spent giving me an extra 4000 points to my account. I got a fabulous buy I believe and I also got 2 years service warranty on top of the one year manufactures warranty. Hubby got this for me for our anniversary this year and I think he did me a swell job! :)
    Any chance you can hook up with Mypoints?

    ~Love your site~

  2. Cricut Cartridges says:

    Hi Betsy,

    I checked out the site and it looks like they only deal with more established stores and brands, but thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Oh, and thanks for the compliment too… :)


  3. Lee Ann says:

    I bought the same Cricut deal on HSN as did Betsy, I think I got a wonderful deal. I also love your site and it is bookmarked. Keep up the good work and God Bless.
    Lee Ann

  4. Tiffany S. says:

    I also purchased my Expression and the original Cricut from HSN….I just purchased the Gypsy through them myself….I love that they offer flex pay instead of having to spend all that money at once…If I had to, I would never have all these wonderful items….

    On the ther hand, I purchase my cartridges through eBay, because they are so much CHEAPER :-)

    Love your site Sophia.

  5. Sally Noble says:

    I purchased the Expression thro TV commercial and wished I had know HSN had it as they offer great deals, I paid 399 and only got 2 cartridges. I purchase the majority of cartridges from ebay and just found Sophia by accident so bought a cartridge from the website. I also bought the Gypsy from HSN as their packages are great plus flexpay. I use my machine for vinyl wall decorations (trains for my grandson who is in love with trains) Also do glass etching from pattens. Great website Sophia!

  6. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I just bought the same Cricut at HSN (just came yesterday) and was up until after midnight last night playing with it. Mine came with 4 cartridges (including the Home Decor – Yeah!) but also with just about every Cricut tool you would need (at least to get started). And yes, the flex pay, along with all that came with it, is what made me finally decide to buy. Can’t wait to try the etching on some dollar store glass or the abundance of vases I’ve collected. I’m bookmarking this site to add to cartridges and putting a jukebox on my Christmas list!

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