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Personalizing Decoration With Cricut Cake

Personalizing Decoration With Cricut Cake

All cakes are not made for one occasion. The desire of every host is to make their guest feel unique and valued. Cricut cake is making it even easier to create wonderful patterns that personally fit the desires of each particular client. Creativity is being demonstrated and made to work faster.

The mini Cricut cake designed to occupy as little space on the table as possible. This will give you room to maneuver and do wonders on the pastries. It gives you a considerable area to have good view of the entire decoration and from all angles.

It delivers high quality designs every time you use it. The selection is a wide range of designs to fit the various occasions without of risk of repetition. This means a fresh look to your work every time you are at it.

There is also a professional look on all the work by this machine. The cuts are smooth and perfected to reveal the expertise of the decorations. It is an image booster and places one ahead of others in the field.

The servicing of this machinery is easy because it uses all kinds of Cricut cartridges. It will not need to take long searches to settle for the right one or to get the ones that you will specifically require. They are easily accessible in stores near you or on line shops.

It has made it a lot of fun to decorate a cake. This is because of the ease with which this is done and does not require long hours of training. It can be used by all kinds of people since it has been simplified for all places and persons.

The occasions are as varied as people and the seasons. All varieties of events that require a unique touch will get the best. The range from holidays to anniversaries and others like graduations and birthdays have been properly taken to account.

There is no more limitation on the number of guest you can entertain. Big offerings can be done with as much ease as the small cakes. It is designed to achieve a perfect labeling to allow the cake become part of the spectacle of the day.

It has been used by professionals through out the world and has formed part of decoration exhibitions. The cakes have won accolades the world over. This is due to the superior quality of the work and the fact that they are the choice of decoration professionals.

It is mobile outfit and can also be used in outdoor events. Transporting an already finished pastry can be a career disaster. It thus allows you to do the work on site and achieve an end that is as perfect as if it was done in the factory. A decoration disaster would dent once career for a life time.

Cricut cake has become the revolution that will transform careers of decorators and add flavor to the world of cake making. It has been consistent in delivering good results and will become the perfect companion for those who are in it for the long run.

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Perfect Designs And Perfect Results With The Cricut Mini

Perfect Designs And Perfect Results With The Cricut Mini

It is mini in size and weight but what the Cricut mini can do in no small feat. It a light, easily portable machine that gives one a fun and easy way to cut a number of things from fabric, paper, vinyl and other materials that are commonly used in craft projects.

For inspiration, there is a way to connect to the Cricut Craft room for lots of design ideas.This is an application that is an online tool where one can select from various designs from the Cricut cartridge library. The cutter comes with a cartridge port to that provides users with a link to all the cartridges that one has connected to the Cricut Craft Room application.

With this cutter, it is possible to cut images ranging in size from one and a half inches to eleven and a half inches. A versatile cartridge ensures that one can cut all kinds of patterns in various sizes. The three modes and two function options ensures that one has a lot of room for customizing the item they are cutting. The cutter is very compatible. It can work with all the original cartridges and cake cartridges.

Those who bake cakes and other pastries professionally and those who wish to serve up pastries that look that they came from the shop will greatly enjoy using this dapper little machine that is meant specifically for cakes. With the Cricut cake cutter, you will be serving up fabulous, perfectly shaped pastry in no time at all.

This gadget can be used to cut through both thin and thick paper like card stock, craft foil, vinyl, magnetic material and sticker paper among other materials. It can also cut through fondant, gum paste and other items. It is also a joy to use because all you have to do is select the shape you want, the size and press the cut button. Lovely, precisely cut shapes will start to roll out.

The cutter is being used at bake shops, homes, schools and craft shops that are using it to get through their projects faster and with very precise and fast results. Those who love to dabble in various DIY projects can also use it to cut out the materials they need. One can for instance find designs for decor items like wall paper borders and stencils.

It can also be used to find designs for personalized gift items like cards, birth announcements for newborns, and other customized gift items. Name labels for lunch boxes, books, uniforms, sports equipment and other items can also be crafted using this gadget.

The Cricut mini personal electronic cutter works with both Mac and Windows computers. Also, it is compatible with either a standard wireless internet connection and with a wired one as well. All you have to do in plug it in and you are plugged in to a wonderful little helper who will give you ideas for all kinds for designs and then cut them up for you in no time. So whether you are cutting up pastry or other craft item, you will soon have something debonair and well turned out to show.

If you haven’t picked up your Cricut Mini yet, I highly recommend putting it at the top of your wish list.

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A Comprehensive Cricut Expression 2 Review

A Comprehensive Cricut Expression 2 Review

Making paper crafts is a very interesting and creative way of spending your free time. Through this hobby you can make beautiful gifts for your loved ones at no cost at all. The problem is that you have to be good at paper crafting in order to produce good pieces. This however, is no longer the case. With the new Cricut expression 2 cutting machine, you can make perfect pieces will the least effort and at the shortest time possible.

This cutting machine is a big hit among paper crafters. It has revolutionized the whole field of paper crafting with its new and unique features. Therefore, every scrap book professional, activities director, teacher and any other person who needs to create paper crafts, should look at this device in detail so as to know its advantages and disadvantages.

Cricut Expression 2 Machine
Cricut Expression 2 Machine $175.00
Time Remaining: 11d 4h 38m
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Cricut Expression 2 Cutting Machine
Cricut Expression 2 Cutting Machine $175.00
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The Cricut expression is designed to cut a variety of material including paper, vinyl, cardstock and vellum into the desired shapes and letters. It offers you with the option of using 12 inch by 12 inch cutting mat for small designs and the 12 inch by 24 inch mat for larger designs. So, it can be used with any size of paper.

You can also cut pieces that are as small as 0.25 inches. This allows you to use the small scraps of paper you have been saving. The cutter is also equipped with some cartridges, which have numerous patterns that enable you explore more unique and versatile designs.

When compared to its predecessor, we can say that it is superior. It uses the same cartridges as the original Cricut, but it is more flexible. This is because it is larger than the original version. Therefore you can cut bigger designs with it.

The expression also has other extra features that are not available on the original model. Some of these features include the ability to change language and units of measurements, use multiple cuts in case you are using thick material, cut in landscape or portrait view and create mirror images among many others. Moreover, it has an LCD screen that enables you to view what you want to cut before cutting it.

This device also has its own share of disadvantages. First of all it is larger and occupies a lot of space compared to the original model. Furthermore, it is more heavy and awkward to carry around. Therefore, it is not ideal for people who work on the go.

It is also more expensive. So you have to part with more money so as to acquire one. However, it makes up for this by offering you with more versatile designs and the ability to cut bigger pieces.

The Cricut expression 2 has incorporated cutting edge technology so as to make crafting an easy and exciting activity. It also allows people who have ailments such as arthritis, which make ones hands shaky, to be able to produce good pieces. Therefore, all professional and amateur craftsmen should acquire it and see significant improvement in the quality and beauty of their pieces.

If you haven’t picked up your Cricut Expression 2 yet, I highly recommend putting it at the top of your wish list.

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Beautiful Home Decoration Ideas From Discount Cricut Cartridges

There is a great deal of satisfaction that one can get from living in a room that is well decorated. The work of art used to make rooms in your house may have been got from the local designer. However, creating ones own pictures can be done using discount Cricut cartridges. The fact that what you hang on the walls is your own is much more inspiring.

Many families purchase these products and engage in fun as they try to come up with different themes and designs. The shapes and letters that one may wish to apply are sold in customized packages. There are also a variety of colors that are used to develop the pictures.

The creative process is a source of fun when you work with other family members. They can suggest the best manner to make lovely graphics. The good thing is that the easy stages can be done even by kids. This is so because the shapes and fonts come with the packets that one buys. The integration of all the aspects given by the manufacturer will finally produce amazing images.

What is even more attractive is that if you decide to change the shape of what is created, this can still be done. Materials such as velvet and cotton are included. At the end of the craft work, some wonderful productions are realized. The phrases to describe the pictures are formed from letters in several sizes and shapes.

Statements are derived from birthday themes and holidays such as Christmas, Easter and weddings. You can choose to include get well messages and those related to family values. Spouses and their children make pictures and then write messages for other family members. Virtually any phrase about get well wishes to sick persons and anniversaries is easily created. If the desire is to thank the recipient, this is done too.

Calligraphy is an important aspect in decorations. When you buy discount Cricut cartridges, you will not worry about learning the sophisticated method to do it. The supplier has this done on your behalf. The task is just to mix the colors, letters, images and artwork to come up with what is appealing to you.

The moment the participants have decided on applicable ideas, they just submit the artwork into a machine. In an automated process, the combination is done within seconds . The printed work comes out on the tray. This is framed to be hang on walls. It may also be sent out in form of greeting cards, season messages or as presents.

If parents realize that children have love for crafts, they can get the machine and the products for them. It is likely to promote creativity. When young people take this as their past time activity, it is bound to play an important role in intellectual development.

The graphics in discount Cricut cartridges are meant for all those who appreciate beautiful environments. The ideas may be quite useful to people searching for a viable investment. With the ability to work on attractive eye catching images, one can search for clients and make an income.

Cheap Cricut Cartridges Are Available For You

Cheap Cricut cartridges let you customize shapes, phrases and letters to your preferred option. They are important in that they enable you to cut out forms. They are on sale these and are available in many leading joints all over the world. It is also possible to purchase them at very low prices in most of these joints.

It is possible to save even more money by purchasing cartridge bundles and you can get several of these at once. There are various bundle deals which you can greatly benefit from since it is cheaper to buy in bundles. It is also possible to get all the most recent releases of cartridges in one appropriate bundle.

With so many bundles available to choose from, it is hard to decide which of them to buy. The best deals are available in leading outlets around the world. They also offer a wide variety of these products and timely services. This is one of the methods they use to acquire and retain customers.

Even though they are available in many joints throughout the world, there are very few web sites from which they can be reliably purchased. You should therefore be careful when making purchases online. Some of these sites may not be genuine and you may end up losing your money to unknown people.

Once you identify the shops selling at low prices, it is possible to build your own Cricut cartridge collection within a short time. This is possible because most of the shops selling these products have virtually all the varieties you could ever need and at discounted costs. Most have a vast cartridge collection. In case, you do not find the type of cartridge you want, you may visit any of these joints every few hours since updates occur several times an hour.

You can also take a few minutes to let the seller know about your experience or opinion concerning the Cricut cartridge which you used. Tell the seller which of them you like best and any problems you may have encountered when using it and give any suggestions you may have concerning it. The seller will be able to guide you every step of the way in explaining to you all you need to know about the cartridge you want to purchase. This will have made your decision making easier for you.

There are trusted sites from which you can check the latest collection of these equipments. There is a whole list of these equipments the types that you could choose from. In case it is a particular type that you want, you only need to click on it and a whole list appears for you to make your purchase.

Cheap Cricut cartridges have benefited most people all around the world. For these reason, the purchase of these product has gone up. This has prompted manufacturers to come up with the most unique and highest quality products in order to maintain and attract more customers for these products.

Cricut Cartridges On Sale In Shops Near You

Cricut Cartridges On Sale In Shops Near You

Cricut cartridges on sale have come closer to your neighborhood and are available at very low prices. They are available in shops near you and also online. It is now possible for you to cut your forms out at home when you purchase a cartridge at low cost. Once you own one for yourself, you will be able to modify phrases, shapes and letters without any difficulties.

Most of the cartridges on sale have enabled customers save a lot of money since they come in bundles and you could actually purchase in bundles which will be cheaper than buying one at a time. They are available in many shops all around the world in different varieties that are appealing to customers.

You can also make purchases online in sites that are trusted. You can check out the available types and purchase those which you want. If you do not come across the one you are interested in, you can check several times every hour as the systems update automatically for several times an hour when new product come in. In case you come across the one you are interested in, you just need to click on the item and a list of related product show and you can make your purchase.

On the other hand, some sites are not trustworthy and you may end up paying to the wrong party and lose a lot of money in the process. To avoid such mistakes, ensure that you are careful in identifying the ones that will not disappoint you once you buy from them. In this way, you will be guaranteed of reliable and effective purchases.

It is possible for you to have your own cartridge collection by purchasing from the shops near you that sell at low costs. This is because most of these shops have all the varieties available in the market and it is also possible to buy in bundles and enjoy the discounts that come along with buying in bundles. These bundles are stocked with all the different varieties available therefore it is possible to have every single one of them with one purchase.

In order to ensure that you are on the right track, it is important to consult the seller before making any purchases. Ask all the questions you need to know about the available varieties and that product which you prefer. If you have had any experience with any of them, tell him all the problems you may have experienced and the advantages. The seller will tell you everything you need to know and after that you will be able to make a sound decision before you buy.

Many customers have seen the benefit of seeking advice from the sellers before purchase. In most cases when they do so they do not end up in regrets sine they will have been enlightened on the features of each of the products. They are also guided on the advantages and disadvantages of each product.

Cricut cartridges on sale have increased profits for sellers because the demand for the product has gone up over the years. This has encouraged the manufacturers and sellers to only deal in those products that are of high quality. This has left the manufacturers, sellers and buyers happy. This has increased the market since consistently high quality products attract new and retain current customers.

What To Do With Fan Favorite Seasonal Cartridges

Halloween is just around the corner which means it is time to break out all of those fan favorite seasonal Cricut cartridges! While there are dozens of cartridges inspired by the spring and summertime holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and autumn themed Cricut cartridges are the epitome of whimsy and charm.

The two big holidays at the end of the year, preceding Christmas, are all about the festivities, the costumes, the traditions, the decorations and the get-togethers with friends and family. All of those activities can best be enjoyed with the help of a few fan favorite seasonal Cricut cartridges.

For the scariest night of the year, Cricut users can really let their inner die cut monster run wild! Use cartridges to create whimsical decorations, invitations for the annual costume party or Happy Halloween tags for candy bags.

Must have cartridges for this wonderful holiday include:
•    Happy Haunting Cricut cartridge
•    Mini Monsters Cricut cartridge
•    Pumpkin Carving Cricut cartridge
•    October 31st Cricut cartridge
•    Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cricut cartridge (goody bags and favors for your Halloween party)

On this the day we give thanks, it’s also important to gracious for all of the amazing Cricut cartridges inspired by this family-oriented holiday. Utilize the incredible collections of graphics to make place cards, festive Thanksgiving cards to send to relatives and even centerpiece decorations.

Thanksgiving cartridges include:
•    Thanksgiving Cricut cartridge
•    Country Life Cricut cartridge
•    Speaking of Fall Cricut cartridge
•    My World Cricut cartridge

Now, with the help of these festive and charming Cricut cartridges, the dinner table can look that much more decorative, the cards can be that much more personalized and the candy can taste that much better. With these fan favorite seasonal Cricut cartridges, it’s going to be quite an exciting season.

Cut Fabric and Personalize Clothing in Just Minutes

From baby clothes and onesies to team uniforms and festive attire, Cricut users can finally add that much-desired crafty yet modern style to clothing with these few helpful tips.

As Cricut users everywhere are excitedly decorating cupcakes with fondant flowers cut from their Cricut Cake machine, plenty of other Cricut users are using their Cricut Expression to create personalized designs with fabric. While users need the Cricut Cake to cut specialty edible items like fondant, all a Cricut user needs to cut fabric is the Cricut machine they already have!

How to cut fabric with your Cricut Expression machine

1.       Take your fabric(s) and cut them into squares. The size of these squares is based on how big of a cut you will be creating. Be sure to cut a big enough square to leave enough space on all 4 sides for the die cut fabric to come out clean.

2.       Take a fabric adhesive (fabric iron ons can be found at any local craft store and fabric store) and cut squares to fit the fabric squares. Follow the directions and stick the fabric adhesive to the square with an iron.

3.       Now, take your Cricut mat and place the fabric(s) on it. While the Cricut mat is sticky enough to keep items like paper down, fabrics will most likely slide around once the needle hits them. To get a clean cut, try taping down the fabric so that is securely fastened onto the mat.

4.       Insert the desired cartridge and choose the desired graphics. DO NOT push that “Cut” button just yet though!

5.       Adjust the needle setting so that it penetrates the fabric as much as possible. To do this, adjust the setting on the needle itself as well as the knob on the machine to “High.”

6.       Now hit “Cut!”

7.       After the Cricut machine cuts the fabric, lift the fabric die cuts from the mat and return to the iron. Remove the backing of the iron on adhesive from the die cut and place it on the piece of fabric (i.e. clothing, bag, blanket, etc.) that you want to personalize. Align it and make sure that it is exactly where it should be before finally ironing it on.

8.       Add any other final decorative touches and you’re done!

Now, with a little bit of fabric, some iron on adhesives and an iron, you can cut fabric with your Cricut Expression and personalize shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, bags and any other kind of fabric with adorable die cuts!

Relax with Weekend Cricut Projects

While the weather may be nice in your neck of the woods, come rain or shine I always enjoy some good weekend Cricut projects. In case other Cricut users are also in the mood to spend some quality time with their favorite Cricut cartridges, here is one project idea that can be done with a recycled household item.

Weekend Cricut Projects: Recycled Baby Food Jars

Recently, I went to a wedding and each guest was given a small empty candy jar with the bride and groom’s initials on it. Along with the cake, there was a candy bar where guest could fill up their jars with their favorite sweets. I was so inspired by this idea that I decided to make personalized candy jars for my family out of recycled baby food jars. I used the Mini Monograms Cricut cartridge to personalize each jar. I also added a few accents with the help of my Doodlecharms Cricut cartridge and my Home Accents Solutions Cricut cartridge.

Another perk of this easy and fairly quick project is that Cricut users can fill the jars with plenty of items, not just candy. After all, not everyone has a sweet tooth. The real reward of a project like this is the personalization. By adding initials and graphics specific to the recipient, what goes in the jar is much less important than what goes on it.

Other filling suggestions include:

  • Loose change
  • Paper clips
  • Pins
  • Fortunes from fortune cookies
  • Loose buttons
  • Rubber bands
  • Loose die cuts

Keep in mind that this project can be done with larger mason jars. Larger jars can hold bigger items and if they are laying about the house, why not use them for something creative?

Cricut storage is something that many scrappers cherish. Rather than shove things into a container, why not get a little Cricut therapy time in and make something that is both useful and charming. They make wonderful gifts and as far as weekend Cricut projects go, this one is a simple, easy and whole lot of fun.

Have you fallen in love with the Cricut Imagine yet?

Cricut lovers unite! Cricut users everywhere are going absolutely nuts for the Cricut Imagine machine and the new collection of Cricut Imagine cartridges.

Designed to put as much creative control into the hands of the user, this machine is all about options, features and personalization. This next generation machine is designed with the very best features of the Cricut Expression, along with a new twist that is sure to revolutionize the world of die cuts and paper cutting. Partnering with HP, Provo Craft sought to provide new buyers with an exciting tool and loyal customers with something that could make their crafting lives easier and more convenient.

With the Cricut Imagine machine and the accompanying cartridges, users can make alterations and changes to fit their particular needs. This includes tweaking the graphics, colors and patterns. For those happy with the graphics, they can simply keep them as-is.

Cricut Imagine Cartridges

Currently, the collection offers almost two dozen cartridges. Many of the cartridges offer patterns. Additional features include textures and special effects. With all of this in mind, users can create pieces that are 100% original and made to fit their projects.

The Art cartridge collection includes:

  • Elise
  • Kate’s Kitchen
  • JT
  • Mr. Frosty
  • Audrey
  • Lori’s Garden
  • Industrial Glow
  • Hopscotch
  • Blossom
  • Blast Off
  • Imagine More
  • Better Together
  • Ancestry
  • Snow Angel
  • Yummy
  • Mystical Garden
  • Berries and Cream
  • Snapshot: Nature
  • Snapshot: Texture
  • Snapshot: Everyday
  • Imagine More Cards
  • Country Carnival
  • Enjoy the Seasons
  • Nursery Tails
  • Best Friends

How does the Cricut Imagine machine work?

Since Provo Craft worked in coordination with HP, this machine is truly state-of-the-art. Equipped with an LCD touch screen, users can make all of the desired changes on the machine itself. That means, no computer, no software, no hassle.

Whether you’re making scrapbook pages, cards or any other personalized projects, the Cricut Imagine machine and its innovative design is sure to revolutionize the world of die cuts, paper crafting and the much-loved hobby that is Cricut.