Cricut Keystone

The Cricut Keystone cartridge is an absolute essential for any Cricut user. It contains of those necessary features that make it the much-loved and highly appreciated cartridge it is today.

The Cricut Keystone cartridge is so highly valuable because it truly is a cartridge of bare bone essentials. Forget the frills, bells and whistles of other cartridges; this one is all about providing you with the kind of quality lettering that you can use day in and day out on all of your crafty creations.

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So what exactly does the Cricut Keystone cartridge offer and why is it so popular?

When it comes to lettering, most Cricut users want something that is attractive, classic and versatile enough to use on almost any project. The Cricut Keystone cartridge offers just that.

The idea of the cartridge is to give users something basic. The font is standard block lettering along with numbers and symbols such as exclamation points, question marks, quotations and more. The cartridge overall does not include an extensive amount of additional features.

You can, however, use the shadow feature on all of the included letters, numerals and symbols.

Overall, the Cricut Keystone cartridge may not be the fanciest in the Cricut world, but it is extremely useful and versatile. Utilize this cartridge and find out why users everywhere are fans of the Cricut Keystone cartridge.

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