Dinosaur Tracks

Forget Jurassic Park, it’s time for the Dinosaur Tracks Cricut cartridge.

The Dinosaur Tracks Cricut cartridge is an exciting shapes cartridge that is perfect for dinosaur aficionados of all ages. Whether you’re decorating your child’s room, throwing a dinosaur themed birthday party or simply looking for a cartridge with your favorite fossilized friends, this cartridge has what you need.

Dinosaur Tracks Cricut cartridge tracks insects mountains leaves LINKED
Dinosaur Tracks Cricut cartridge tracks insects mountains leaves LINKED $39.99
Time Remaining: 19d 5h 4m
Buy It Now for only: $39.99

In terms of fonts, the alphabet is uppercase letters only but incredibly versatile in terms of the actual use. As a shape cartridge, the cartridge is well-equipped.

Spot your favorite dinosaurs in the Dinosaur Tracks Cricut cartridge. Make flash cards to help memorize the dinosaurs, create name tags and even name plates for your child’s room.

Graphics include:
• Tyrannosaurus Rex
• Brontosaurus
• Stegosaurus
• Triceratops
• Pterodactyl
• Raptor
• And countless other dinosaurs

Additional graphics include:
• Fossils
• Mountains
• Trees
• Leaves
• Archaeology tools (picks, shovels, brushes)

Need a few more reasons to be interested in the Dinosaur Tracks Cricut cartridge?

Check out the creative features! Features include Layer, Tag, Fossil, Letter, Card, and Shadow. With these, users can make the most of this exciting and prehistoric cartridge. Check out the Dinosaur Tracks Cricut cartridge and get in touch with your inner dino!

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