Mickey and Friends

For any Disney lover who owns a Cricut machine, the Disney Mickey and Friends Cricut cartridge is an absolute necessity.

For children and adult alikes, you simply can’t go wrong with Disney. It’s simply timeless and with this Cricut cartridge, you can commemorate every Disney memory. Whether it’s a Disney themed birthday party, a family trip to Disneyland or simply a day spent in the Disney store, this cartridge has everything you need.

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The Mickey and Friends cartridge is especially useful as it has several members of the Disney pantheon of characters. The cartridge features several Mickey poses, as well as Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and those lifelong buddies, Chip and Dale. With so many different poses of each character, you will never be at a loss for creative ideas. Sizes can be cut out from 1 inch to 5 inches.

This cartridge also features phrases, accessories and houses for each of the characters. This allows you to make an entire scene with your favorite Disney friends.

The Mickey and Friends Cricut cartridge manual is also extremely important as these cut outs are layered so you can use different colors. This also gives the overall cut out a feeling of depth.

Disney and Friends Creative Features

Creative features include several layering options for the face, outfit and the accessories (shoes, hat, ribbon). Other features include:

  • Icon
  • Shadow base
  • Icon border

For anyone who is a fan of Disney, specifically the primary Disney characters, the Disney Micky and Friends Cricut cartridge is a must-have item.

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