Pooh Font Set

The Disney Pooh Font Set Cricut cartridge is nothing short of charming. This cartridge, featuring a font reminiscent of Winnie the Pooh, along with the Disney characters as babies, is a hit with Cricut lovers everywhere.

Not only is it an excellent addition for Pooh fans but it also features a font that is loaded with special effects.

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So what does the Disney Pooh Font Set Cricut cartridge have to offer?

For one, a versatile font. With rounded edges and a whimsical style, the font is perfect for adding lettering to cards, scrapbook pages, invitations and picture frames. The cartridge also comes with numerals 0-9 and standard keyboard symbols.

The real magic, however, comes with the special features. Utilizing specific features on the cartridge, you can change the appearance of the lettering to look like wooden plan letters, marker scrawl and much more! There is even a honey pot features which allows you to stick the lettering inside a famous Pooh honey pot!

Additional features include Shadow, Marker Shadow and Wood Shadow.

The graphics also add an exciting element of charm to the Disney Pooh Font Set Cricut cartridge. With baby Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore, making invitations for baby showers and announcements has never been so easy!

Plus, you can easily personalize items specifically for your little one and the nursery!

Check out the Disney Pooh Font Set Cricut cartridge and see why Cricut users everywhere are calling this cartridge a must-have item.

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