Hello Kitty Font

Say hello to the Hello Kitty Font Cricut cartridge!

From the classic characters of the Sanrio pantheon comes the Hello Kitty Font Cricut cartridge. Complete with all of the charm and whimsy of Hello Kitty herself, this cartridge is perfect for all of those lifelong Hello Kitty fans out there.

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The font of the Hello Kitty Font Cricut cartridge was designed specifically with Hello Kitty in mind. It is vibrant, sweet and purr-fectly pretty.

Along with a full font, the Hello Kitty Font Cricut cartridge also comes with numerals 0-9 and standard keyboard symbols.

In addition, the Cricut cartridge includes several phrases and graphics. The phrases include:

  • Hugs and kisses
  • Cutie pie
  • Best friends

The graphics are especially exciting for Cricut users because the cartridge offers Hello Kitty in various poses and outfits. You can accessorize your project with Hello Kitty Fairy, Hello Kitty Butterfly, Hello Kitty Ballerina and much, much more.

Last but not least, the Hello Kitty Font Cricut cartridge offers special effects like Round, Round Shadow, Silhouette, Flower, Shadow and Shadow/Blackout.

Give the Hello Kitty Font Cricut cartridge a try and see why so many Cricut fans are becoming Hello Kitty fans as well.

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