Speaking of Winter

Pea coats, snowmen, ice skates- looks like it’s time to break out the Speaking of Winter Cricut cartridge!

Loved for its unique and extremely creative design, the Speaking of Winter Cricut cartridge is an homage to all things seasonal. While other font cartridges have simple letters, this one goes above and beyond by creating an entire font out of items associated with winter (hence the name).

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The Speaking of Winter Cricut cartridge takes those all-too-familiar winter time images and creates an alphabet that is perfect for creating those personalized holiday cards or seasonal scrapbook pages.

Each letter and number is created differently. A few examples of these include:

  • A: an Evergreen topped with snow
  • B: a snowman holding a broom
  • J: an ice skate
  • O: a snowflake
  • 8: a chubby snowman

With these, you can create something that is truly seasonal, personal and as adorably charming as a homemade snowman.

Along with the well-designed font, the Speaking of Winter Cricut cartridge also has several creative features including Layers, Snow Tag, Card, Tri-Fold Card, Shadow, and Layers Shadow creative features. These features allow you to do even more with your crafts such as adding shadows, depth as well as options to make tags and cards.

Let it snow and deck the halls with the much-loved Speaking of Winter Cricut cartridge and see just how merry the season can be when you’re your letters look like snowmen.

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