It’s a bird, it’s a plane- no, it’s the Superman Cricut cartridge!

When it comes to the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the Man of Steel known for his superior strength, flight and x-ray vision. As the man representing Truth, Justice, and the American way, you can now create the most heroic and adventurous Cricut cartridge.

dc comics SUPERMAN shape cricut cartridge USED
dc comics SUPERMAN shape cricut cartridge USED $45.36
Time Remaining: 3d 11h 10m
dc comics SUPERMAN shape cricut cartridge USED
dc comics SUPERMAN shape cricut cartridge USED $85.00
Time Remaining: 17d 8h 19m
Buy It Now for only: $85.00
Superman Cricut Cartridge Booklet
Superman Cricut Cartridge  Booklet $200.00
Time Remaining: 25d 7h 10m
Buy It Now for only: $200.00

This cartridge is loaded with tons of graphics and exciting features. Depicted in the style of the graphic novel, the Superman Cricut cartridge is ideal for parties, scrapbooking and decorating. Sporting such icons as Superman, Clark Kent, Lex Luthor and Supergirl. To make matters even more exciting and adventurous, the cartridge features a comic-style font.

Graphics include:
• Superman in flight
• Superman in action
• Clark Kent
• Supergirl
• Lex Luthor
• Speeding Train
• Superman’s emblem
• Kryptonite
• Press Pass
• Newspaper
• The Daily Planet
• Planets
• And much more!

Along with these graphics, the Superman Cricut cartridge also features several creative options and 3-D party favors. Now you can decorate, celebrate and embrace truth, justice and the American way thanks to this cartridge.

3-D objects include:
• Invitations, cards and envelopes
• Happy birthday signs (personalized signs as well)
• Party hats
• Clark Kent glasses
• Stay out door hanger
• Bags
• Superman and Lex Luthor stand up 3-D models
• And much more!

Creative features are always part of the fun when it comes to utilizing Cricut cartridges. Features include: Layers: Outfit, Layers: Detail 1, Layers: Detail 2, Font, Font Shadow, and Base Shadow.

For your personal use or for your own littler superhero, the Superman Cricut cartridge can make decorating rooms, creating scrapbooks and throwing parties fun, easy and exciting. Cut out cards, envelopes, boxes, party favors, Clark Kent’s glasses, and countless other pieces to make your event and occasion an adventure to remember. Stand for more than truth, justice and the American way; make your own heroic story with the Superman Cricut cartridge.

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