Word Builders Cartridges

Word Builder Cricut cartridges are not only excellent creative tools but they also provide users with exciting learning possibilities.

All three of the current Word Builder Cricut cartridges are part of the Cricut Classmates collection. Developed to be both craft-oriented and education, each cartridge gives the users plenty of options in terms of paper crafting, projects and educational purposes.

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The three Word Builder Cricut cartridges include:

  • A Word Party Cricut cartridge

The Word Party cartridge does not contain a font, but rather has the roots of words. These roots can be used to help children identify sounds when learning how to read and spell. The roots are designed as balloons. By creating an entire word, you create a bouquet of balloons, adding an element of fun and excitement to phonics.

  • A Garden of Words Cricut cartridge

A Garden of Words is a fun and exciting way to teach children how to read. Each root or letter is seen as a section of a caterpillar’s body. Creating a word by combining sounds makes a whole caterpillar.

  • An Ocean of Words Cricut cartridge

An Ocean of Words has larger roots and sounds of words that can easily confuse early readers. Roots and sounds like aught, ight, inge and igh are featured here. Sounds are seen as fish as words create a school of fish.

With these ingenious designs, the Word Builder Cricut cartridges are more than crafting tools, but learning tools which be used in the classroom and in the home. Teach children how to read, how to sound out words and how to identify sounds by sight. Forget flash cards and software programs. Make learning fun and exciting. Take advantage of these incredibly charming and useful Word Builders Cricut cartridges.

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