Cricut Expression 2

Card makers and scrapbookers alike are curious to discover whether or not the Cricut Expression 2 electronic cutting machine is superior to the original. Those who are unfamiliar with cutting machines must understand that such machines typically use weights for the purpose of allowing a die template to cut a shaped design. Such machines perform somewhat like a sheet metal cutting press, although a paper cutting machine uses a blade inside of the die template.

ProvoCraft introduced the Cricut to the arts and crafts market in 2005 to offer fans of such projects a simpler alternative to the aforementioned traditional cutting machines and the product was a big hit. Since then, it has been a favorite of scrapbook enthusiasts and card makers everywhere. This innovative model is ProvoCraft's newest creation and is packed with both new and improved features.

It is a user-friendly model that is ideal for those who have experience with such machines as well as those who are just beginning. One of the most popular features of the new machine is its touch screen. This full color LCD touch screen ensures that editing and navigation is simpler and easier than ever before.

In addition, the new model offers its users something called a mat preview. This helpful gadget allows individuals to size and organize their projects before they are cut. The material settings option is another highly popular feature of the Cricut Expression 2 that allows one to use standard materials or create his or her own customized settings. Many consumers choose the model for this reason.

Such characteristics make the model the most versatile of its kind on today's arts and crafts market. Each model comes with two preloaded cartridges, which many users find advantageous. It also comes with the following additional cartridges:

The alphabet cartridge can be used to make the words of a project come alive. Regardless of the message, this font cartridge with its designs, numbers and letter sets will ensure that one's text jumps off the page. The essentials cartridge is a multipurpose cartridge designed to add flair to any of the projects one chooses to create. With this cartridge, users have access to several hundred designs and shapes to inspire their artwork or apply the final touches to a project they have already started.

The new model is also highly compatible with other cartridges, including the Cricut imagine cartridge. Additionally, no keypad overlay is required, which makes the machine even easier to use than its predecessors. The model also offers a host of optional accessories such as wireless compatibility.

Other features include cutting area lighting, a settings menu and swappable side-trim pieces. The model's design is also sleeker and more compact than previous models and features brand new finishes and colors. It is also worth mentioning that the Cricut Expression 2 can be used without a computer. Most feedback on the new model is positive, therefore craft enthusiasts whose goal is to complete original projects that will stand out in the crowd should consider the Cricut Expression 2.

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