Cricut Totes

Cricut totes are the hottest way to tow around those Cricut machines and Cricut cartridges. Now with plenty of storage space, Cricut totes feature added compartments for all of your craft supplies.

With this kind of storage tool, users get to take full advantage of all of its benefits. These totes can carry a great deal of items, including your Cricut machines. Larger totes in particular can carry your Cricut machine, your cartridges and various supplies like scissors, card stock, embellishments, photos and more.

Luxja Carrying Case for Cricut Easy Press 9 inches x 9 inches Tote Bag for Cr
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New Cricut Rolling Craft Tote Tweed
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In terms of styles and sizes, it’s mainly based on your personal needs. For instance, do you have a machine and only a handful of cartridges? In that case, you may benefit more from a more compact shoulder bag or messenger bag.

On the other hand, if you are a walking scrapbooking store with several Cricut cartridges, embellishments, multi-colored pens and snacks for projects that take a considerable amount of time, you should probably consider the larger tote or the tote with wheels.

Cricut totes with wheels are extremely useful and decrease the stress on your back when lugging around your crafting tools. Simply wheel them up to the car, into the car and back out again. The key is convenience and ease. After all, your hobby is scrapbooking, not carrying around heavy items.

In terms of specifications, the Cricut tote on wheels features:
• 5 zippers
• In-line wheels for easy maneuvering
• Pull-up handle
• Durable and travel size
• Measures 20-1/2 by 19 by 9-inch

If you’re traveling abroad or perhaps to a scrapbook convention, Cricut carriers and totes are perfectly sized to fit in the overhead compartments. With pull-up handles, convenient pockets and plenty of zipper closures, Cricut totes place all of the Cricut necessities within arm’s reach at all times.

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