June 2010 Raffle Winner – Number 2!

Surprise, everyone!

With so many things on my plate in the next couple weeks - graduations, father's day, kids going to summer camp, camping trips... (whew!), I thought it would be fun to give away an extra Cricut cartridge this month!

This month's lucky scrapper is...

Lauren G.

Congrats Lauren! I will be sending you an email shortly with instructions on choosing your cartridge.

If you didn't win this time around, don't fret! We have a new drawing each and every month, and once you are entered (by filling out the form in the yellow box to the right), you are eligible for each month's drawing.

Oh, and one last thing...

I made a quick post today about the Cricut cartridges Provo Craft just released.

===> Check out the newest Cricut cartridges

Happy Scrapping!


P.S. I *might* be convinced to hold one more drawing this month. ;) Who else wants another chance to win in June?? Leave your comment below.



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Facebook comments:

  1. Denna L says:

    If given a choice, another winner would be awesome to see. And of course if it was me, that would be even better! Thanks!

  2. Jennifer Barnwell says:

    Pick me, please. That would be great to win because I am constantly using my cricut.
    I use it everyday. In fact, I have to go to the store to buy a new blade. Have to say, the blade that came with my machine lasted over 3 years. :) I have been through some mats though. LOL xx <keeping my fingers crossed

  3. Tina says:

    I really enjoy your site. I like all of the ideas you have for projects. There are 3 or 4 other ladies at work that all have Cricuts too, so I’ve shared your site with them. We all get so excited when we start talking about our cartridges. My 5 year & 2 year old love using the cricut too. We’ve made special cards for their Grandmas and Grandpas.
    I’d love to have a new cartridge this month.

  4. Kathy says:

    Sure I’d love to win a new cartridge! My son & daughter-in-law are expecting their 1st baby and the “New Arrival” would be a great addition to my cartridge collection!

  5. Tezee says:


    I can’t believe how generous you are! Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter!

    From Tezee,

  6. Sue Stultz says:

    It would be wonderful to win a cricut cartridge…thanks for the chance.

  7. cindy monaghan says:

    the new cricut lites are out and are wonderful…… i bought one yesterday @ walmart 39.00

  8. Kelly Massman says:

    Yes! I’d love to win!

  9. Lori Irigoyen says:

    Never have won anything in my llife! Sure would be great to sin a cartridge.

  10. Sandra Nett says:

    Another winner would be wonderful. This site is awesome. I’m so glad people have a chance to win. It will be even better when one day I win. Thank you for what you do here, and good luck to everyone!

  11. Pam Young says:

    Yes i would love it!!!!! congrats to you Lauren, you are very lucky

  12. Sandy Gustafson says:

    Three lucky winners in one month that would be AWESOME!!!! It would be even better if the third lucky winner would be me. Thanks for being so generous! Thanks for keeping us updated on all the new cartridges!!!!

  13. Valerie N says:

    Offering to give away another cartridge is amazing! I received my Cricut machine as a gift this past Christmas and had wanted it for a long time. I’ve had lots of fun with it and have purchased 4 additional cartridges since then all through your site. Would love to add another to my collection! Good luck to all and congrats to whomever is the lucky winner!

  14. Amanda G says:

    I would love to have another chance to win this month! I love my cricut so it would be amazing to win a cartridge

  15. Marilyn King says:

    I’d love to see you name a second winner this month and of course, I’d love to see my name when I click to see the winner.

  16. Connie H says:

    I’m always planning on buying another cartridge but to win one would just be great. I love the Cricut and its marvelous ability to cut and help me make one of a kind projects. AND my grandkids love their Birthday Cards because no one else gets anything like them. They actually keep the cards instead of tossing them.

  17. shellie says:

    We Love Cricut… and we love YOU 4 giving us CRICJUT!!! Thank you.

  18. shellie says:

    oops… CRICUT!!!

  19. Jackie E says:

    I have only had my Cricut about a month, but it has opened up an entire world of creativity. So, I’m just beginning my cartridge collection. A second chance to be a lucky winner this month would be wonderful!

  20. Doris asbury says:

    I just wanted you to know I love my cricut . I have a few cartridges but there are so many that i would love to have. I don’t have much luck winning anything , but it would be wonderful to win a new cricut cartridge.

  21. Ileana M. says:

    i have my Cricut about 3 weeks. It is so cool because you can do anything with it! Im am beginning my cartridge collection! i love doing all that stuff!! i am #1 cricut fan!!! I would just hope and would be pleased to win a cartridge!! I only have two, so i would like to have a new on!! i hope i could be the next winner!! i will always have my fingers crossed!! :)

    Thank you ! :)

  22. Linda Bailey says:

    I would love to win a new Cricut cartridge……love it!!!!love it!!!!!!I have just a few. My cricut was a gift to me. I love the site. Since I live 40 – 50 miles from shopping, it help me keep updated on new cartridges and new items for the cricut. I would like to know more about colors you can use with the cricut. I would like to be the next winner!!

  23. Wenda Hunt says:

    I think it is great that you are giving away these cartridges. I was introduced to scrapbooking from a friend from work who starting a scrapbooking night once a month. I love it. Now that my mother lives with us, I have introduced her to scrapbooking and help her make pictures & letters for her scrapbook. She enjoys her new hobby with the cricut cartridges. She gets your emails too. Do I need to leave a separate reply for her to have a chance to win too?

  24. Emma Morris says:

    I am mother to Wenda Hunt. Went ahead & signed up anyway. Thanks so much.

  25. Trish says:

    With so many entries for the monthly drawing, I would be really surprised if I won a cricut cartridge. It would keep me smiling for a long time and telling my group of scrappers about this vendor. I think it is great that we have a vendor who gives you some excitement and a chance to win something so valuable as a cricut cartridge. I know my funds are very low when it comes to purchases like this, but this vendor helps make it affordable. Imagine getting one for free. Always hopeful, Trish

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