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Top 7 reasons why I love Cricut machines

Ever since I first used my Cricut machine, I have discovered and rediscovered countless reasons for why I love Cricut machines. For a couple of years now, I have maintained a loving and appreciative relationship with my Cricut and my cartridges, thanks to my insatiable love for all projects paper craft related.

I am firm believer that all creative projects can be completed and improved with the help of a Cricut die cut. This staunch opinion has only been reaffirmed thanks to my growing lists of reasons why I love Cricut machines.

Top 7 reasons why I love Cricut machines

Given enough time, I could come up with 100 reasons why I love my Cricut Expression, my Cricut Create and my collection of Cricut cartridges. For now, let’s go with the top 7 reasons to love this incredible device.

1.       Convenience

Back in the day, paper crafters had to actually cut out their own shapes, letters and designs with scissors. Scissors! Today, Cricut users simply choose the graphic from their handy-dandy cartridge and push “Cut.” Within seconds, you have die cuts of every shape and size. This machine removed the hassle and busy work associated with crafts, making it all about the crafts instead of the prep work.

2.       Making life easier one die cut at a time

With this kind of convenience in mind, users can utilize everything the Cricut machines can do including make die cuts, design layouts and even cut fondant for cake decorations. These items are all investments but they more than pay for themselves after completing a few projects.

3.       Style and Pizzazz

Paper crafters, scrapbookers and DIY folks all know the importance of creating items with style, pizzazz and a distinct look that can’t be found in Hallmark. The Cricut is all about style, with an incredible collection of cartridges that cover everything from holidays and seasons to special occasions and everyday chores. Either way, adding a unique design and distinct look is easy, simple and fun.

4.       “Oh this old thing?”

Showing off creations is half the fun of using a Cricut machine. Whether it’s showcasing a scrapbook or giving a handmade card to a loved one for their birthday, you can easily and effectively impress an entire roomful of people with your Cricut skills. After they have passed your creation around the room a couple of times and marveled at the finished piece you can say, “Oh this old thing? I made it like 5 minutes.”

5.       Personalization

One of the primary reasons people use these devices is because they want to personalize their stuff. I have adding a personal touch to everything from lunchboxes and pictures frames to thank you notes and name tags. Anything I can add an accent or embellishment to, I do.

6.       Craftiness

My friends and I love getting together for monthly Cricut nights where we all bring our cartridges and our machines together to go all out and create as many crafty things as we can in a couple of hours. It’s a free-for-all. One of the most interesting things I have come to realize from these get-togethers is that the Cricut has the power to turn even the most ambivalent crafters into a modern-day Martha Stewart. It’s simply that easy and that inspiring.

7.       A hobby with a pretty result

There are plenty of hobbies out there that are enjoyable, yet don’t exactly end with a tangible result. Not so with paper crafting and Cricut activities. At the very least, the Cricut can result in a simple die cut that can be used later on for a different project. Or, after a productive session, the Cricut can result in a beautifully designed scrapbook page full of inside jokes and sentimental value in tangible form.

Thanks to my Cricut machines and cartridges, I have had the pleasure of creating personalized items that mean a great deal to me, my friends and my family. When it comes to reasons why I love Cricut machines, these are just a handful of thoughts and experiences.

What are your thought? Do any of these reasons ring true with your experience? Share your own "Top 7 reasons why I love Cricut machines!"

Make it an Egg-celent Easter With the Seasonal Easter Cricut Cartridge

Make it an egg-celent Easter with the Easter Seasonal Cricut cartridge!

Celebrating Easter, with the help of the Easter Seasonal Cricut cartridge, is fun, easy and incredibly simple. By following a few simple steps, Cricut users can have an Easter basket for their eggs and a stylish layout for their frames, albums and scrapbooks!

Forget the store bought baskets and the generic frames. Instead, opt for something infinitely more personal, creative and festive.

What you need
Cricut Expression
Easter Seasonal Cricut cartridge
• Cardstock (seasonal pastel colors such as pink, yellow, white and purple)
• Adhesive
• Ribbons
• Scissors
• Easter eggs!

What to do
• Cut one 10 ¾” 3-D basket with a piece of cardstock (you pick the color)
• Assemble the basket
• Cut borders, graphics and embellishments using another color cardstock to accessorize basket (size should be about 2 ¼”)
• Add borders and embellishments to basket
• Cut flowers with cardstock (size 2 ¼”) and adhere flowers to top of basket
• Add ribbons as desired
• Lastly, place those beautiful Easter eggs into your personalized Easter basket!

Easter is just around the corner. Show off your talent and everything the Seasonal Easter Cricut cartridge has to offer. Be unique, be stylish, be festive- be all of these with the help of your Cricut Expression and Cricut cartridges.

Make it an egg-celent Easter with the Easter Seasonal Cricut cartridge!